Tomas Lindblad is a science writer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has written on a wide variety of topics from the evolution of mankind to the climate wars and the cleverness of insects.

At present his articles are published mainly in the monthly magazine Allt om Vetenskap – All about Science – in Swedish.

He has written for a number of other publications and produced several features for the Swedish National Public Service Radio.

He has lectured on science writing at the universities of Lund, Stockholm and Gothenburg and his texts have been used as teaching material at the Royal Technical University of Stockholm.

The main part of the last three years he has spent as a project coordinator and educator with Swedish Radio Media Development Office in countries like Zimbabwe, Namibia and Rwanda

With this blog he hopes to find some interested readers outside the limited language area where he is presently confined. And he would love to hear from them too.  e-mail to