One of the four surgeons who accused Paolo Macchiarini of scientific fraud (yes I prefer that term) has during the last months repeatedly tried to have his name erased from the ”proof of concept”-article in The Lancet, but without result.


After being prodded by the science department of Swedish Radio, editor in chief, Richard Horton of The Lancet  says he will look into it.

The problem is that the Lancet says that they need to discuss the matter with the other authors – among them PM himself…

But they have no intention of publishing any sort of comment on the controversy, as long as there isn’t any official verdict on the fraud issue.

Fair enough, you may say. But still – this is not a simple scientific disagreement. It is a scandal of wide proportions. The exoneration, which was greeted with joy in The Lancet last year, is now inhibited and a reinvestigation is under way. Why not retract, and comment on that, and on the gullible portrait of the great surgeon after his disastrous operation.

Swedish Radio