Vice Chancellor Hamsten resigns from Karolinska Institutet and in a statement he is as clear as he can be at this point in time  on the issue of the allegations regarding scientific misconduct from Macchiarini. Now he knows. Hamsten mentions for instance the state of ”the first patient” in Iceland, things that has been shown on Swedish tv already. The truth is slowly becoming officially established.

During the last few days it has become obvious that the information possessed by KI when the matter was investigated was not complete. Last Wednesday we were given a new impression of the period following the operation in Iceland on his first patient, whose case is the basis of some of Macchiarini’s articles. During the last few days KI has also received information that implies serious inaccuracies in an article describing trials with artificial tracheae in rats. This information was totally new for KI. We are now endeavouring to investigate this information thoroughly and arrange an independent examination. But there is much to indicate that the judgement reached by KI last summer should be amended to scientific misconduct, which in plain language means research fraud.”

Read the whole statement at daily Dagens Nyheter