I get this question from curious readers and of course I wonder myself. Reporters from all over the world must have been pestering them for comments during the last few weeks, and you might think it would be a good idea to post something on the web site. Maybe just something like ”we are awaiting an authoritative decision from Karolinska in Stockholm re the research/medical activities of Paolo Macchiarini in order to see if that possibly could affect the publication of certain disputed articles…etc” . But no.

They seem to stick to their guns.  The comment from the press department is still:

Dear Tomas,

Thank you for your email. We have nothing to add to our previously published comments on the topic.

Best wishes,

Just as a reminder, the latest comment:

Dragging the professional reputation of a scientist through the gutter of bad publicity before a final outcome of any investigation had been reached was indefensible. 

That is a statement that they may come to regret. The Royal Swedish Academy of Science has asked the journal to at least add the fact that the patient in the ”proof of concept article” actually died. That would be a start.